Staying with a Host Family – Standard Terms and Conditions

Staying with a host family is a hugely rewarding experience. Not only will you be able to discover British culture and improve your English, but you will also find it a great opportunity to get to know new friends, with different life experiences to your own.

Please read this information pack carefully as it makes up all our Terms and Conditions for living with a host family. By making payment to us, you will be agreeing to these terms.

Your Arrival

After receiving your payment, we will give you your host family’s contact details (depends on the availability you’ll receive it up to one week before your arrival) and they yours, so you can arrange your arrival with them directly. This also gives you a chance to get to know each other a little first over email.

Extending Your Stay

If you would like an extension, and your host family is happy for you to stay on, then you should arrange this with Openmind and only if you continue to take classes at Sspanish. Do not make payments directly to your hosts.


I must have medical and liability insurance with overseas coverage before departure; and Openmind and Sspanish will not be liable for any health or accident costs incurred by me.


Our liability is no more than the money we have received from you.

Under no circumstances can Sspanish or OpenMind be held responsible for any injury, damage loss, misadventure, delay or accident which may happen during your stay in your accommodation, or as a result of activities they take part in during their stay, or whilst travelling to and from your home or loss of property.


We expect you and your hosts to try and resolve any problems that may arise between you. However, in case of any difficulty which you cannot resolve yourself, please contact us on or on +34 669974377 available 24 hours a day.


Your host family will welcome you warmly. They will try and include you in some aspects of family life, such as enjoying meals together, and inviting you on an occasional outing. One of the main reasons you will probably want to stay with a host family is so you get a chance to practice your Spanish.


Please be aware that we will not place students with different mother tongues in the same house at one time, unless agreed previously with you.

The house & cleanliness

You can expect for your host’s home to be clean and tidy. We encourage you to keep your room tidy as well.


You will have your own door key, which should be returned to your hosts on the day of departure. You will be allowed to come and go as you please with no curfew. However, you are expected to do so quietly, especially late at night.

The Student’s Room

Your bedroom will be of a reasonable size and have a comfortable  bed. It will be decorated to a good standard, be clean and have good lighting. You will also be provided with bed linen and towels which will be changed and washed at your request.

Hosts will respect your privacy and should not enter your room, but you should understand  your bedroom will not have a lock on the door.


The bathroom will be kept clean, and have soap, hot water and toilet paper. You should leave the bathroom tidy after use.

Telephone & Internet

You will not be allowed to make and receive calls on the host’s telephone, unless previously agreed. You are usually allowed to receive a reasonable number of incoming calls from family abroad. This is especially important in the case of an emergency. For outgoing calls we recommend you buy a phone card, or where possible, your own  Spanish SIM card for your mobile phone.

Most families have a wireless internet connection in their home so you can use your personal laptop. If this is unavailable then you should buy a dongle or your host can direct you to the nearest Internet café.


Your host will either offer to wash your clothes or they will show you how to use their machine. No extra charge should be made. Your host will not iron your clothes but they will be willing to loan you an iron and ironing board if you need one.


You are not permitted to invite friends to your home unless you have checked with your host family first. You will not be allowed overnight guests.


This program include a full-board basis (breakfast, lunch and dinner) it will be provide by your host family.

At least one meal a day will be eaten with the host family as this gives the opportunity for Spanish conversation. If an early start means you can’t eat breakfast together then your hosts will explain where breakfast items are.. If your hosts are out in the evening then they will ensure that they leave you a pre-prepared meal.

You should let your hosts know in advance if you are going to miss a meal, in which case a plate of food should be kept back for you to be re-heated.

Staying out

If you are over 18, then you will not be given a curfew. You should, however, let your hosts know if you are going to be late for meals or home very late.


Sometimes students get homesick. However, if you excessively ‘down’ or have any other worries or concerns then please contact us immediately. We will try to help as much as we can.


  • All damages and breakages caused by the guest must be paid for by the guest directly.
  • The homestay placement is provided to you up to one week before your arrival.  We cannot be liable for any complaint of location/distance after arrival but we can guarantee that the family should not be a greater distance of 20’ (by means of transport) from the location of Sspanish
  • Reasonable behaviour is expected at all times during your stay with the host family accommodation. We reserve the right to remove any guest whose conduct is unsatisfactory.
  • We believe the information provided to you regarding the host family at the time of booking is correct and is provided in good faith. However, we are not responsible for any inaccuracies that may result in any change of circumstances of the host family that have not been communicated to us.
  • Please note, Sspanish and Openmind are no way affiliated to any educational institution, including  University Of Seville or  Instituto Cervantes

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you require any further information on any of the above.